Dr. Ulrich Granzer

Venture Partner

  • PhD in Pharmacology
  • Joined Wellington in 2004
  • Former Head of Regulatory Affairs at Glaxo, BASF Pharma and Bayer
  • Since 2002 Founder and CEO of Granzer Regulatory Services



Dr. Ulrich Granzer joined Wellington in 2004 as a Venture Partner on the Life Science team. He advises on drug development and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Ulrich Granzer has been operating a leading consultancy for regulatory affairs and clinical development in Munich since 2002, providing regulatory advice to more than 500 Life Science companies.

He has an in-depth overview over current drug development programs as well as detailed insight into the requirements of major regulatory agencies. Prior to this, he held global responsibility for regulatory affairs at Bayer AG and BASF Pharma Knoll. Dr. Granzer started his career at GlaxoWellcome. He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Tübingen (Germany).