Bringing together a unique combination of passion and commitment in a team highly scientifically trained and equipped with strong entrepreneurial DNA, extensive investment experience and company-building skills. In addition to their broad know-how, all of them are also part of a large, Europe-spanning research network, giving us the opportunity to identify innovations throughout the European life science landscape, execute on these unique investment opportunities and therefore drive the Future of Health.

Our outstanding team

Dr. Rainer Strohmenger

Managing Partner

Kai Wohlberedt


Dr. Regina Hodits

Managing Partner

Prof. Dr. Erich Schlick

Venture Partner

Dr. Ulrich Granzer

Venture Partner

Dr. Mel Spigelman

Venture Partner

Dr. Wolfgang Baiker

Venture Partner

Stuart Essig, Ph.D.

Venture Partner

Dr. Bo Jesper Hansen

Venture Partner

Dr. Peter Hirth

Venture Partner

Ernst Mannheimer

Managing Partner, Legal Counsel

Harald Keller

Managing Partner, CFO

Cornelia Huber

Finance/Accounting Manager

Anja Weibel

Finance Manager

Doris Gowik

Project Manager

Karin Juen

Finance Manager

Sabine Kannegiesser

Finance Manager

Karina Schuster

Office Manager

Ulrike Spring


Dr. Arturo Urrios

Venture Advisor