MinervaX  Prevention of life-threatening Group B Streptococcal (GBS) infections

Given GBS-NN/NN2 covers close to 100% clinical isolates and induces high levels of protective antibodies, Minervax’s approach could protect newborn and elderly alike from GBS infections.

Minervax is a clinical-stage company that is developing a protein-based vaccine (GBS-NN/NN2) to be given to pregnant women for the prevention of life-threatening GBS infections in new-borns. GBS is the world’s leading contributor to adverse maternal and newborn outcomes every year – responsible for some 390,000 cases of neonatal invasive disease, resulting in 91,000 newborn deaths, 46,000+ stillbirths, 518,000 preterm deliveries, and 40,000 babies suffering from long-term neurological damage. As a result, WHO has identified GBS as a high priority for vaccine development. In addition, the vaccine is being explored for use in older adults, where GBS has been implicated in several diseases, such as sepsis, pneumonia, cellulitis and soft tissue infections.



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